1. Takayuki KONDO
  2. linux-scalability-benchmarks


linux-scalability-benchmarks / gatling / CHANGES

The default branch has multiple heads

  fix http ranges for Range: bytes=0-, would trigger 416 before
    (Sebastian Köhler)

  add proxy support to dl ($http_proxy and $ftp_proxy like libwww)
  setuid in the forkslave, too
  fix the symlink to directory entries (Olaf Dreesen)
  close ftp-uploaded files in cleanup() (Johannes Ziemke)
  fix some bizarre ftp races that caused assertion failures (Johannes Ziemke)
  look for theora in .ogg files and say they are video/ogg (requires

  add multi-ranges (only used by the Acrobat Reader plugin AFAIK)
  abstract out accept() deferment to libowfat (socket_deferaccept)
  add read-only SMB support
  add lame anti-DOS support (see README.antidos)
  sort the other way around in referer
  dl in http mode now supports cookies and sets the referer
  add SSH forwarding to SSL support (see README.tls)
  add matchiprange (see comment at top of matchiprange.c)
  fix a few CGI problems report by Andreas Stuehrk

  add /server-status
  request_done, socket_error and cgiproxy_read0 now print the number of
    received and sent bytes in this request, to make traffic accounting
    for CGIs and broken downloads possible
  you can now say -C+x and then all executable files will be run as CGI.
    Also works for index.html.  Please note that this is dangerous in
    case you copy or serve files off a FAT or similar filesystem, where
    Linux per default marks every file executable.  That's why gatling
    has a simple sanity check that only allows scripts starting with #!
    or ELF binaries.
  add "bench", a small benchmark util in the spirit of apachebench
  make bzip2 support optional (and disable it per default)
  add Date header
  add MIME magic (will try to identify file type by looking at first bytes)
    this is only used if the extension is not conclusive
  also log the GET arguments in the log for CGI requests
  allow .htaccess_global
  dl can now follow 301, 302 and 302
  fix .gz handling
  tell download accelerators that we support ranges
  add acc (convert gatling log to one-line-per-request)
  add hcat (like cat, but sorts multilog style @[timestamp] filenames
  add referrer (extract nice external referrer statistics from acc
    output, before or after tai64nlocal)
  use setresuid and setresgid if available
  for HEAD, suppress body of error messages (Andreas Krennmair)
  use radix sort in readfrag instead of qsort for big speedup
  add support for external mime types file (gatling -m /etc/mime.types)
  switch to binary mode in dl in FTP mode
  fix memory leak in proxy_connection() (Johannes Vetter)
  dl: when printing an ftp directory listing, filter \r
  dl: in -i mode, don't complain if utime fails
  attempt to fix POST
  make dl print some statistics if stderr is a TTY

  fix pipelining bug
  send all HTTP headers als HTTP_FOO=bar environment to CGIs
  gcc 4 unsigned char* <-> char* cleanups
  add temporary fallback redirect (see README.redir)
  only fork cgi slave if -C is given on command line
  IRIX compatibility (yuck!)

  use the new scan_urlencoded2 (libowfat cvs); properly serve
    libstdc++.tar.gz and not 404

  implement ABOR (ncftp was confused after aborting a connection)
  add https support (using OpenSSL)
  add primitive .htaccess support
  fix http ranges (Joachim Berdal Haga via Gerrit Pape, reported for
    fnord but also applied here)

  CGI-through-proxy support (read README.proxy)
  SIGHUP will close server sockets but continue serving open requests
  add man page
  fix HTTP pipelining fd leak
  add broken-symlink-redirect like fnord does (read README.redirect)
  output size in log as 64-bit number
  add resume support to dl
  support POST for CGI proxy
  fix HEAD fd leak (oops)
  experimental CGI support
  add -l option to make FTP server ask for password
    (works around buggy proxy servers, e.g. Genugate)

  add primitive FTP support (default: enabled; disable with -F!)
  add pipelining support (for both FTP and HTTP)

  add chroot+setuid support
  compiler warnings removed (Julien Touche)
  also take time for reaping in forkbench (Niels Provos)
  fix memory and fd leaks (with Thomas Walpuski)

  zlib support (directory listings only)
  add timeout support
  add major kludgery to work around deliberate IPv6 breakage on OpenBSD
    from that itojun maniac.  Friends don't let friends run OpenBSD!
  add httpbench

  directory listings
  ranges (resume)

  initial checkin, proof-of-concept taken from libowfat test/httpd.c