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gatling now supports some anti denial of service code.

You can set a limit of how often each IP can request files from gatling
per minute.  gatling will then keep book about which IPs had how many
requests in the last minute, and if someone exceeds that limit, they
will only be allowed back in if they did not request anything for a
whole minute.

If someone gets caught at DOSsing you, their connection will be
tarpitted.  If gatling is run in no-timeout mode, the connection is
dropped immediately instead.  The idea behind the tarpit is to stop
accidental flooding (if we drop the connection, we might make an
accidental flood worse due to immediate retry).  On the down side the
tarpit allows others to consume resources on our box.  So it is still a
denial of service on our resources if someone opens a lot of connections
against us, because the state for the connections wastes our memory.