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gatling is a non-forking HTTP server.
It listens on port 80 when running as root, or port 8000 otherwise.
You can specify the port with -p, i.e.

  gatling -p 81

to bind to port 81.  Run gatling -h to get a list of supported command
line options.  Connection Keep-Alive and Pipelining are supported.

Please note:

  a) No HTTP/0.9 support

  b) gatling deliberately _allows_ to leave the file system, as long as
     the request follows a symbolic link in the process.  That means, if
     you symlink out of the HTTP file system (and the destination is in
     the chroot jail), gatling will allow HTTP (and FTP!) users to
     follow the symlink.  However, following a directory symlink and
     appending "/../" will not follow the .. directory entry from the
     target directory of the symlink, as an attacker may hope.

     The idea is to make it easy to create an FTP Server by putting a
     few symlinks to directories you want to export in an empty
     directory and starting gatling there.