linux-scalability-benchmarks / libowfat / io / iob_addfile.3

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.TH iob_addfile 3
iob_addfile \- add file region to I/O batch
.B #include <iob.h>

void \fBiob_addfile\fP(io_batch* b,int64 fd,uint64 off,uint64 n);
iob_addfile schedules \fIn\fR bytes from the file descriptor \fIfd\fR
starting at offset \fIoff\fR to be written with the I/O batch \fIb\fR.

You may not close \fIfd\fR before iob_send indicates it is done.

Use \fBiob_addfile_close\fR if you want the file descriptor to be closed
automatically by \fBiob_reset\fR.
iob_reset(3), iob_send(3), iob_addbuf(3), iob_addfile_close(3)
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