linux-scalability-benchmarks / libowfat / textcode / scan_cescape.c

The default branch has multiple heads

#include "fmt.h"
#include "textcode.h"
#include "scan.h"

size_t scan_cescape(const char *src,char *dest,size_t *destlen) {
  register const unsigned char* s=(const unsigned char*) src;
  size_t written=0,i;
  char c;
  for (i=0; s[i]; ++i) {
    if ((c=s[i])=='\\') {
      switch (s[i+1]) {
      case 'a': c='\a'; break;
      case 'b': c='\b'; break;
      case 'e': c=0x1b; break;
      case 'f': c='\f'; break;
      case 'n': c='\n'; break;
      case 'r': c='\r'; break;
      case 't': c='\t'; break;
      case 'v': c='\v';
      case '\\': break;
      case 'x':
	  unsigned char a,b;
	  if (a<16 && b<16) {
  return i;
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