# README # This is the code repository for Stage 2 of the Search for a Star & Sumo Digital Rising Star Code Competition 2017. ### What is this repository for? ### * This is a simple starting project for candidates to demonstrate their ability to the judges. * The competition is designed to mimic the process or applying to, interviewing for and starting a graduate programming position at a Game Development Studio. For this reason, it is important that you utilize the existing project and do not start again from scratch. It was built using Unity3D version 5.5.0f3 * 0.1 ### How do I get set up? ### * Download and install Unity3D 5.5 - * Clone the repository to your local machine * Open the project by browsing to the directory of the cloned repository from within Unity3D or double click the Load.unity in the Scenes directory of the project * Full project instructions ### Who do I talk to? ### * Support information & FAQ, as well as the full project brief, can be found on the community page for the projects; * Search For A Star Support : [](Link URL) * Sumo Digital Rising Star Support : [](Link URL) * If you have any questions about the project or competition contact Aardvark Swift / Grads In Games at or call us on 01709834777