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build: don't export dependency on spring-webflow

  1. Matt Hurne avatarMatt Hurne

The build dependency on spring-webflow should not be exported; if it is, it can conflict/override a dependency on a differing version of spring-webflow in the application that is using page-resources. In my case, this resulted in the inability to start my application.

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  1. David Carr

    Thanks for the contribution. Included in release 0.2.2. If you'd like, feel free to submit a pull request to add yourself as a developer in PageResourcesGrailsPlugin.groovy.

  2. Matt Hurne author

    Hrm, so I think this change ended up being a bad one. If I now depend on page-resources 0.2.2 in a "vanilla" Grails project, the page-resources plugin fails to build when I issue a 'run-app' command. If I depend on version 0.2.1, it builds successfully.

    It seems that testing a plugin by doing a local 'package-plugin' and then 'install-plugin' is not equivalent to using the plugin when it is retrieved from the Grails plugins repo. For some reason the dependencies related to the plugin seem to behave differently between the two.

    At the moment, it seems like my change should be reverted. A workaround for projects that directly depend on spring-webflow and aren't compatible with the version depended on by page-resources is to exclude the page-resources dependency in the project's BuildConfig.groovy

  3. Matt Hurne author

    Thanks, David; sorry for the goof up. If you'd prefer I back out the change and update the documentation to save you the trouble I would be happy to do so.

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