TestAPI_Replace Executioner.vi failure

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Issue #20 open
Chris Cilino created an issue

Test Executive\Tests\Test Test Exec Ref Execution\TestAPI_Replace Executioner.vi.

I think the following diagram should result in a test being replaced but it isn’t.

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  1. Jon McBee

    I believe that what is happening is that the Linked List is seeing that the supplied GUID is empty (empty string in your image above) and is generating a new GUID for you.

    I am going to mark this as resolved but let you either close it or mark it back as open if you don’t think that this is a sufficient answer.

  2. Chris Cilino reporter

    I’m struggling with how to replace a test at all. I’ve tried the following and the test is never replaced.

    So it seems as though I cannot replace a test

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