Create database model and UI for SSH authentication support

Issue #10 resolved
Tim Freund created an issue

A new database table, "My Account" screen, and controller methods are required to support future SSH access. The new components will be based off of the existing API key components.

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  1. Tim Freund reporter

    I'm working on an implementation of this, and I should have something functional pushed to my Bitbucket hosted fork within the next couple of days.

  2. Mads Kiilerich

    Nice. Is it similar to Mercurial's contrib/hg-ssh using native sshd, or is it more like a standalone paramiko based thingie?

  3. Tim Freund reporter

    This issue will only cover the UI and database model for managing SSH keys, since we need to store keys before we can start accepting SSH connections. I'm sure there will be quite a few changes even with that restriction, and I thought that breaking it up into chunks would make it easier to review.

    With that said, I first imagined writing a custom paramiko based thing from scratch, because that sounds like fun. Someone in the IRC channel suggested that we look at the code of mercurial-server and gitosis as starting points. They are already mostly tested, and the licenses are compatible. I'll start looking at those once this issue is complete.

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