UI: consistent font sizes

Issue #101 resolved
Thomas De Schampheleire created an issue

Kallithea is using a large mix of font sizes, big and small, inconsistently. At least, I don't understand the logic.

Examples of illogical font sizes are the repo URLs on the summary page, and the pull requests overview page of a repository.

A good UI has a very limited amount of font sizes in use. Most text will be in the normal size, there will be some exceptions in small font, and things like titles would be in a large size.

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  1. Thomas De Schampheleire reporter

    Are you referring to user-visible problems (other than font size), or rather the internal implementation that is overly complex?

  2. Mads Kiilerich

    The internal implementation of the css is overly complex with explicit (and different) font sizes in a lot of places.

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