'my pull requests' when not logged in: incorrect handling of login

Issue #102 resolved
Thomas De Schampheleire created an issue

Bug scenario:

  1. log out
  2. browse to 'my pull requests'
  3. you'll be presented with a page that is almost entirely dimmed, with a login screen (also dimmed). This page also repeats the top banner a second time.
  4. type credentials and login
  5. you are now forwarded to a partial page (/my_pullrequests_data), without top banner nor css, which thus displays incorrectly.

Comments (3)

  1. mirrorbot

    my pullrequests: line up controller/template handling with repo pullrequests

    Currently, the data for 'my pullrequests' is loaded dynamically through ajax, unlike the way 'repository pullrequests' are loaded (statically).

    As there is no good reason to have both treated differently, and as dynamic loading of 'my pullrequests' is not really needed, rework the handling of the 'my pullrequests' page with the 'repository pullrequests' page.

    This includes lining up the 'show closed pull requests' checkbox/link.

    This also fixes issue #102 ('my pull requests' when not logged in: incorrect handling of login).

    → <<cset e79993216c66>>

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