UnicodeDecodeError when trying to show a commit with non-ASCII email.

Issue #103 resolved
Kirill Gagarski created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clone a repository managed by Kallithea.
  2. Commit and push something with following commands:
$ touch very_inportant_file
$ hg add very_important_file
$ hg com -m "Message" -u 'John Doe <джондо à éẋàṁṗłê.ç°ḿ>'
$ hg push
  1. Open the repository with the Kallithea web interface

The result is internal server error. The logs say that this is caused by UnicodeDecodeError. However, there is no problem with the repo when using the hg CLI interface.

Comments (10)

  1. Kirill Gagarski reporter

    Also there is no problem with non-ASCII commit messages and non-ASCII user name (outside angle brackets)

  2. 557058%3Adea91e4c-e257-42be-bc28-2cf352c368c8 Account Deleted

    @gagarski, I can reproduce it here. Investigating.

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