Improve UX for setting a remote repo

Issue #126 resolved
Ben Finney created an issue

The “Add Repository” feature has an option, currently labelled “Import existing repository ?”.

That label is misleading; “import” implies a one-time operation that will not make a persistent setting on the new repository.

Instead the operation is to set a remote repository for the new repository. A better label should be chosen to reflect that this is not a one-time operation.

Possible improvements might be: “Inherit from an existing repository”, or “Set an upstream repository”.

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  1. Ben Finney reporter

    I am broadening the scope of this issue slightly, to encompass all the administrative references to remote repositories. They should all be consistently referring to “remote repository” and “clone”, with explanations where necessary.

  2. Mads Kiilerich

    I would broaden the scope further and make the feature "feature complete" before polishing the UI. It should have functionality for polling (using celeryd periodic tasks?) or pulling when triggered by an (anonymous) post to some URL.

  3. Ben Finney reporter

    On 22-Apr-2015, kiilerix wrote:

    That would IMO be a very separate request. I'm talking in this issue only about consistently describing what Kallithea already does.

    Feel free to open a separate issue for each of those. I don't agree to change this one for that.

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  4. Mads Kiilerich

    I find this partially implemented feature confusing and meaningless. I would not be able to put a nice UX on top of it. But great if someone else can.

  5. Ben Finney reporter

    On 22-Apr-2015, kiilerix wrote:

    Please report a new issue to discuss improving the feature.

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