add more id attributes to html elements

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domruf created an issue

On the todo list on are selenium tests. Without id attributes it can be quite hard to clearly identify html elements in selenium tests. So I suggest to add id attributes to all clickable elements and all form elements.

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  1. Mads Kiilerich


    Closely related tasks are removal of explicit styling in the templates and general cleanup of template structure and removal of cut'n'pastes.

  2. Thomas De Schampheleire

    @domruf @kiilerix Does it make sense to keep this issue open? When (If?) someone starts tackling a selenium test suite, any code changes required for that can be done then. To me, tracking an issue for it is not necessary.

  3. Mads Kiilerich

    FWIW: I will probably not care much about this until I for some other reason start caring. If others find value in having it listed here, then fine with me.

  4. Thomas De Schampheleire

    No need to keep an issue open for such a broad topic. When/if implementing Selenium tests, the necessary code changes to support it need to be made.

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