CodeMirror modeurl wrong when using proxy prefix config

Issue #160 resolved
sambasama created an issue


I have Kallithea using similar configuration as in issue #159. I have set a prefix configuration and I'm using apache as reverse proxy for Kallithea:

use = egg:PasteDeploy#prefix
prefix = /kallithea

Every time I add or edit gists or files and try to select the CodeMirror editor language (for ex go lang) I see a request sent to: https://{domain}/codemirror/mode/go/go.js. It should be: https://{domain}/kallithea/codemirror/mode/go/go.js

I think this change has something to do with the problem:

So this results in syntax highlighting not working / loading for selected language.

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  1. sambasama reporter

    I tested the patch, still not working. I think ${h.url('')} should be ${h.url('home')} in all occurrences as ${h.url('')} renders as "" at least on my installation. Other than that the patch seems good. I currently do not have access to proper dev env, but I hope this helps.

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