Support "hgweb" (and maybe gitweb)

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André Klitzing
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I like to request that kallithea could support "hgweb" interface for a separate path like "" as "hg serve" or "SCM-Manager" does.

We use reviewboard [1] for our repository. RB needs access to a "hgweb" of the repository to get all information. Even our own scripts needs access to the REST-API of Mercurial like "http://hgweb/repon/branches?style=json".

So it would be helpful if kallithea could provide the hgweb/gitweb interface, too. SCM-Manager [2] also provides it as it forks a separate python process for Mercurial.



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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    It is already almost there - see kallithea/lib/middleware/ . Kallithea calls out to hgweb for Mercurial operations but uses its own web interface for all other (= browser) requests. It can be exposed with a bit of hacking. A proper upstreamable solution would require a nice way to distinguish these hgweb requests from ordinary Kallithea web requests.

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