"No changesets yet" if git has no "master" branch

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André Klitzing
created an issue

We have a read-only Mirror of qtbase [1] on our kallithea. But kallithea does not show any changeset in web overview. The repository is complete and we can clone/pull from it. Also a separate "cgit" can show the content of the repository.

The problem seems to be that qtbase does not have a "master" branch (they call it "dev"). If I create a fork of that repository and push a "master" branch it will be shown in web overview of kallithea.

[1] http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/

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  1. André Klitzing reporter

    It should display the branch that is defined by an admin setting. As I wrote... qt has no "master" branch. So it not possible to display a master branch. But there is no setting to switch to another branch in kallithea.

  2. Andrej Shadura

    I'd say so:

    • Have the default branch configurable, default for Mercurial, master for Git — by default
    • If the default branch couldn't be found, display any other branch (say, one that sort first alphabetically? the latest one? that one which has the most commits?)
  3. Mads Kiilerich

    That seems reasonable.

    Regarding overview: I find it weird to have both the overview page and the changelog page showing pretty much the same thing. Instead, I would like to show something else on the overview page - for example the most recently changed branches. Still, we also need a default branch to show on the changelog page ...

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