Support largefile extension in "Download as zip" functionality

Issue #168 new
Mark Vedder created an issue

The largefile extension stores large files in a separate store and places SHA-1 hash "stand-in" files in a .hglf directory. The current "Download as zip" functionality includes the .hglf directory with the stand-in hash files. We'd like to see an option in the UI next to "download as zip" button to "Include largefiles". Selecting this option would have Kallithea resolve the actual large files and include them in the zip file rather than the stand-in hash files.

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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    I think this would be a good task for someone who wants to get familiar with Kallithea internals and a bit of Mercurial ;-)

    (Internally I use patches for allowing browsing and downloading of individual largefiles, but I haven't cleaned them up for working smoothly for those who doesn't use largefiles.)

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