largefiles usercache is not configureable and is not updated when "Location of repositories" changes

Issue #185 new
domruf created an issue

consider this:

  • you move the repository folders from /path/to/repos to /path/to/repos2
  • you change the "Location of repositories" setting in the web interface
  • now everything seems to be fine expect that when you look in the DB the usercache is still set to /path/to/repos/.cache/largefile

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  1. domruf reporter

    I noticed this because the value of usercache was still set to an old rhodecode path.

    And I changed the path of the repositories after migrating to kallithea.

  2. Mads Kiilerich

    So the missing piece of information is

    set default largefiles cache dir, defaults to /repo location/.cache/largefiles

    1. It is just a default value.
    2. There is no UI for controlling this setting.

    It could have been made so "empty" or a relative path was relative to the repo location. Instead it is a static value stored in the database. With the lack of UI, people might have taken control over it manually (we have) and it would be weird if changing the repo location also applied a new "default" value to this setting.

    Also, we don't know if people who change the repo location also wants to change the usercache location. The cache may or may not have been moved too. The setting might also be in .hgrc where we can't patch it.

    So ... yet another messy corner. I can see you case but I can also see people wanting the opposite. So I don't know what I would prefer.

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