hooks are not triggered when files are edited through the web interface

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  1. domruf reporter

    Actually I found out log_push_action does get executed but repo_size does not.

    While looking into this I came to the conclusion the whole hook handling needs a cleanup.

  2. JF

    I agree. I am relying on:

    changegroup.notify = python:hgext.notify.hook

    To notify people that repositories are receiving changes and this is not triggered when editing files through the web interface.

  3. Hagen Graf

    Are there any news on this issue? For Mercurial, I found out that most hooks (update working copy in admin-settings, [hooks] in .hg/hgrc) are ignored for changes from the web-interface: - editing a file - pulling from remote

    I would like to manage some configuration-files for a server with Kallithea directly on the same server. So it would be great to have the possibility of updating the working copy after committing a change through the webinterface…

  4. Mads Kiilerich

    I don't think all hooks fit in nicely when editing through the web. For example pretxnchangegroup would be hard (but would be very useful for access control!). changegroup do seem like an easy and very useful one that we should support.

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