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Michael DePalatis created an issue

Maybe I'm blind, but as far as I can tell there is no link to the documentation on the main web page. It's easy enough to find it by first clicking on the PyPI link where the documentation link is prominently displayed near the top, but this would be a useful addition to the web site.

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  1. domruf

    +1 BTW do we need the wiki page at all? Since the README.rst is in sync with readthedocs, pypi etc.I think it would be better to get rid of the wiki and simply link to the documentation instead.

  2. 557058%3Adea91e4c-e257-42be-bc28-2cf352c368c8 Account Deleted

    @domruf, the wiki page isn't the same as README.rst, and I think there's a benefit in having a page we can edit to keep up with current things. Apart from that, we have more than just one page, there's Project Ideas directory, for example, where I put some ideas for student projects for VALS Semester of Code.

  3. 557058%3Adea91e4c-e257-42be-bc28-2cf352c368c8 Account Deleted

    Meanwhile, I've updated the webpage. Ideas for improvements welcome, as I'm really bad at web design (I can implement lots of things technically, but I've got no idea how to place texts, buttons etc beautifully).

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