Error while Re-Scanning with Kallithea 0.3.2

Issue #263 resolved
Louis-David Coulombe created an issue

Hi, I freshly installed Kallithea 0.3.2 using pip.

While setting up the database: paster setup-db production.ini

I gave a non-empty folder as destination, which is supposed to add the already present repository after a Re-scan (should be written somewhere btw, had to ask on IRC).

Re-scan works sucessfully has he finds all Group repositories on top level. However, If I try to enter them, I get an internal error 500 with nothing much to debug it in the log.

I attached the last 100 lines of log file at debug level.

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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    How do you run the Kallithea wsgi process?

    How did you capture log.txt?

    If running paster serve, there must be a stack trace on the console.

  2. Louis-David Coulombe reporter

    I run the thing as a deamon, not sure where the console output is going to be honnest.

  3. Louis-David Coulombe reporter

    Well that was my error, one of the folder did not had the right permission, preventing Kallithea to access it.

    We can close this issue.

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