[feature] Updating instead of creating a new Pull Request

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Joey Novak created an issue

When I use bitbucket with git. I'm pretty sure PRs automatically get updated as people make changes to the branches in question.

Kallithea doesn't seem to support this, rather, you can only create a new pr, in which case you lose all the comments. Is there a reason Kallithea can't either preserve comments for the new PR or allow updating of a PR?

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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    It is mostly by design that Kallithea aim to preserve the full context of all comments. I very much don't like how bitbucket comments on modified lines are so hard to find. But Kallithea (and perhaps bitbucket?) would like to work torwards using 'annotate' to put comments on the changeset that changed a line ... and let the PR show all the comments that apply the changeset in the PR. (That would however not directly cover the case of rebased changesets ...)

  2. Eivind Tagseth

    Updating pull requests is only supported for mercurial, then you get a list of new changesets on the pull request branch, and a button to create a new revision of the pull request. I'd really like to have this function available for git as well, I may be creating a pull request in the near future.

    Still, you lose all the old comments (but at least you get a link to the old revision of the pull request).

    I guess the comments that are linked to a certain line is hard to keep, as that line may have been changed or removed with the update. I don't see why the general pull request comments cannot be kept though. Very often, the reason why you update a pull request is a comment, so it makes a lot of sense to be able to respond to it with the update.

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