Regression: pullrequest GUI is broken after commits to PR head

Issue #274 resolved
Konstantin Veretennicov created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clean install Kallithea (on Windows, from sources, revision a1f8bf0)
  2. Create 2 users
  3. Create a repo with some commits
  4. Fork the repo and push a changeset to the fork
  5. Create a fork->master PR, containing one changeset; PR looks good for all users
  6. Push one more changeset to the fork
  7. Refresh PR for both users

Expected: "Next iteration" to show the new changeset, bottom comment box with colored balls to work as always - for all users.

Actual: nobody, except PR creator (or owner?), has the bottom comment box.

There is a JS error in browser console, see attachment.

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