Empty table of additional changes on PR created from range of changesets

Issue #280 resolved
Łukasz Michalski
created an issue

I use mercurial repository and kallithea 0.3.2

  1. Created PR from range of changesets using ChangeLog.
  2. Commited new changeset.
  3. Opened my PR and I see:


On the right side there is a part of button. When I click it nothing happens.

Regards, Łukasz

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  1. Mads Kiilerich


    What would you expect it should show?

    Normal pull requests are created at the end of branches and they end up being merged and thus no longer having anything for updating.

    Ranges are however in the middle of history and will not be merged. They might have a huge amount of changesets available for update already from the beginning and it will never go away. Thus, it doesn't make sense to try to make ranges update-able. The bug is that that it shows the empty list. Do you agree?

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