Start Revision setting not working as described

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André created an issue

I set the "Start Revision" setting to master and it does not what the description claims it does. The description is "Default revision for files page, downloads, whoosh and readme" but on the summary page the link to the files is "reponame/files/tip" instead of "reponame/files/master", the download link is also "reponame/archive/" and the changelog page also defaults to the tip.

The download link is hardcoded in the summary template. The other links are generated with a call to "${self.repo_context_bar('summary')}" which lacks the rev parameter. Even then a call to "reponame/changelog" should default to "Start Revision".

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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    Right. That seems like a relatively easy issue to fix, if a new contributor wants to start somewhere.

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