Cannot update User Settings anymore

Issue #294 wontfix
Marcus Marcus created an issue

Hi, in 0.3.3 (and 0.3.99) I cannot update the User Settings. I have installed the ldap-Plugin.

Steps to reproduce: 1. Select an User in your User List. 2. Press the edit Button 3. The User Screen apears and and all the fields are readonly. 4. Try to save the User-Preferences. 5. An Error occured "No e-Mail adress" (We don´t have the email in the ldap tree we use for kallithea)

Is there a way to oben these fields and save it? I try to change the user_edit_profile.html These fields are open but the values won´t save.

It s maybe an idea to set an parameter in the kallithea.ini Something like EnableUserEdit = true

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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    If using LDAP, we assume all data comes from LDAP. It could easily be very confusing if some fields came from LDAP and some didn't. User edits could be overwritten and data would be lost.

    Email is mandatory, so users with email are basically inconsistent and sometimes some inconsistency detects that - such as when saving a user edit, even if it with LDAP should (mostly) be a noop.

    I recommend changing the LDAP to also track email.

    I am not sure it would be a good idea to make the change you want upstream, but it is probably possible as a local customization. It might be as simple as edit kallithea/lib/auth_modules/ get_managed_fields.

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