Possible regression: displaying changeset fails on 0.1

Issue #34 resolved
Bernhard Weitzhofer created an issue

We have Installed Kallithea 0.1 pretty much like it's recommended in the docs.

Unfortunately, trying to view a changeset, we get an HTTP 500. The relevant portion of the logfile is included.

The exact same configuration works for Kallithea 0.0 (pip install kallithea==0.1 being the only difference).

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  1. al zi

    Yeap, this bug is comfirmed.

    Caused by switching internal request from https:// scheme to http://

    Looks like it ignores force_https setting in production.ini

  2. al zi

    Anyway, after upgrading 0.0->0.1 It shows me in trace that requested url change scheme from https to http This is really annoying and causing many problems like "logout" and other redirects as my 80 port is disabled on apache

  3. Mads Kiilerich

    That sounds like a configuration issue. Try to ask the community on the mailing list. If you can narrow it down to a bug report but can't fix it, please file a separate issue.

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