Ugly/hard to read interface of edit user group

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Arnaud GUT created an issue

Issue with FF 33 and Chrome 38.

  1. Icon and user's group name not aligned
  2. Active "button" not highlighted
  3. Information not aligned on right side

See screenshot enclosed.

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  1. Mads Kiilerich

    Yes. We are waiting for someone to contribute patches. You can probably find other areas that need cleanup more than this.

  2. Thomas De Schampheleire

    Item 1. is 'fixed' in the current version: that user group name and icon are simply not displayed anymore.
    Item 2. is also fixed: a marker is added on the 'active' link.
    Item 3. is still valid. In fact, it is caused by the usage of html definition lists which are meant for a term on the left side and a description of that term on the line below and the right side. I agree that this makes it look 'wrong'. The same principle is used on other Admin pages too. A fix should solve them all, preferably with some common CSS styling.

    Contributions are very welcome:

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