tip not changed to "public" when pushing to Kallithea

Issue #63 closed
Arnaud GUT created an issue

Context: migration from RC 2.2.5 to Kallitea last rev 0a45511. Mercurial version (on PC W7): 3.2 but issue also with older versions. Works perfectly on RC 2.2.5 but remains in "draft" phase on KLT. Have I missed something ?

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  1. Arnaud GUT reporter

    Hi Mads, I've not changed any Mercurial settings on PC nor on KLT server (copied the .hgrc of RC). To be more precise, tip remains "draft" on my PC but is "public" on the server. And at the push time, the previous revision (tip - 1) which was "draft" change to "public" on my PC. Hoping I clearer now ;-)

  2. Mads Kiilerich

    (weird homemade KLT abbreviation you use there)

    No, it is not really clear to me. "tip" is not really a helpful concept. It is better to talk about "the changeset with hash 01234abcdef". What do "remains" refer to, assuming it is something different from "push time"?

    Others do not see and experience what you describe. Can you reproduce it in a clean setup and describe exactly how others can reproduce it?

    Kallithea do not have any awareness of phases. You must also be able to reproduce the problem with pure Mercurial without Kallithea, using plain hg serve --config "web.allow_push=*" --config web.push_ssl=no on a test repo. In that case it is obviously something that should be fixed in Mercurial.

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