extremely confusing messages in setup-db

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Teo Tei created an issue
# paster setup-db production.ini 
Running setup_app() from kallithea.websetup
2015-01-02 19:12:06.758 INFO  [kallithea.model] initializing db for mysql+pymysql://kallithea:XXXXX@localhost/kallithea
2015-01-02 19:12:06.759 INFO  [kallithea.lib.db_manage] Any existing database is going to be destroyed
Are you sure to destroy old database ? [y/n]n
Nothing done.

ANY EXISTING database??

Is it really going to destroy any existing database? I hope not. If it was, that would be a huge bug.

I guess it means any existing database with a given name, right? If so, then the warning must be clearer. E.g. "Going to create database <dbname>. Any database of the same name will be destroyed". Or whatever.

Also, the question: Are you sure to destroy old database ? [y/n]

seems to show up whether or not an old database actually exist. Which adds to the confusion (I don't have such a database, so I am entitled to think that it's really going to destroy other databases)

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  1. Anton Shestakov

    The message (and the prompt) indeeds shows up every time, even if the database doesn't exist. Given that the command has some options as --user and --email for the initial non-interactive database setup, this issue is probably the only thing that doesn't let the whole setup be automated. And --force-yes is not an option, since that always recreates the database, not just the first time.

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