Redirect fails on repository creation

Issue #98 resolved
Michael DePalatis
created an issue

When creating a new repository, there is a message that says something along the lines of:

Repository "test_" is being created, you will be redirected when this process is finished.

The repository is successfully created, but a redirect never occurs. My Kallithea log file says only indicates that the repository was successfully created.

This is using Kallithea revision 2d2856fd1144 which was installed on top of an existing installation of the version which is on PyPI. I am using gunicorn as the WSGI server.

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  1. Michael DePalatis reporter

    @Thomas De Schampheleire, to answer your question, by "on top of an existing installation" I meant that I pulled the latest source, installed it into the existing virtual environment with python install, and kept the configuration file (mostly) unchanged.

    Maybe adding a link to redirect manually (so to speak) in case the auto redirect doesn't work would be a useful addition?

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