#201 Declined
  1. Mads Kiilerich
  • pullrequests: restore display of "Current revision - no change" at the bottom of the list of available updates

    Helps the user to understand that something can be selected.

  • pullrequests: try to improve usability of PR update functionality

  • pullrequests: show date for changesets that are available for update

  • pullrequests: show tags in lists of included and available changesets

    Further improvement: Also show bookmarks and other names (preferably by using some helper function/template instead of duplicating code). It would perhaps also be better to avoid using floating.

  • css: generic .hidden class which can be overruled with .show class

    Sometimes more convenient and efficient than plain jQuery using .show() and .hide() and filtering on :visible.

    This should be bootstrap compatible.

  • db: add index on PullRequestReviewers.user_id

  • auth: include username in session/cookie dict for debug purposes

  • mercurial: monkey patch binary detection to treat generated text as binary

    Avoid wasting time, bandwidth and pixels on diffs that not are reviewable anyway - for example minified or generated js files.

  • helpers: show png, jpg and gif links as inline imgs in comments and PR descriptions

    URLs referencing an image are shown inline after the URL. If at the end of a line, show the image on a new line.

    TODO: Hide/obfuscate HTTP referer somehow to not reveal PR names etc.

  • diff: add hide/show toggler for collapsing or expanding file diffs

    TODO: Show a 'collapsed' message instead of the collapsed diff? Do we want to use jQuery slideUp?

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