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hg merge ssh
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  1. tonich_sh

Rebased to tip and

  • ssh: fixed key management.
  • ssh: fixed of ssh related paster commands

Comments (7)

  1. Mads Kiilerich

    Todo list from previous iterations:

    Less code duplication in the ssh handlers - refactor simplegit/simplehg and reuse _check_locking_state and others.
    BaseSSHHandler: why commit?
    Logging / debugging with normal log module ... or just use stderr? Need for logging of ssh commands - perhaps something like the celeryd.log.file config setting.
    Why this .handle() on the handlers?
    We should show both http and ssh clone url (cleaner than https://bitbucket.org/oyarzun/kallithea/commits/af19ab7c4c5cc9807f06dedff9722236e164659f )
    Perhaps better use of forms with validation for adding new keys.
    DB upgrade is fine but should be cleaned up and simplified.
    Tests (at least at high level validate that authorized_keys actually is generated correctly and that the handler works for both hg and git)
    API access?
    Why this 'seen' thing on ssh keys - why not have it as a general feature, also for normal login and for api keys?
    Why no expiration as we have on api keys?
    Server error on push when eol extension enabled.
  2. domruf

    @Mads Kiilerich about the TODOs:

    1. what refactoring is still open?
    2. what commit is this about?
    3. I'm not sure what about the logging you'd like to change. Should it be less noisy?
    4. I don't understand the question. Would you like to change the name of the method?
    5. I think a button next to 'show by ID' would be good
    6. What do you mean by 'better use of forms'?
    7. I think the alembic script is fine. What do you think should be cleaned up?
    8. This would mean starting a ssh process wouldn't it?
    9. I think API access can wait
    10. Normal login already has a last_login. I agree, I think that is enough.
    11. I don't think expiration is necessary. I don't think it is very useful for the API keys either.
    12. When exactly and how does it fail?