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kallithea / 0.2 release note

Bug fixes:

security: ... - CVE-2015-0276
security: don't send internal data unless asked for it - CVE-2015-0260
admin: make settings hook name field smaller so it is less likely to overlap with the value field
admin: prevent deletion of users that are owners of a repository/user group (Issue #64)
admin: when scanning for repos to add, ignore removed groups
auth_crowd: fix Admin Group Membership when using the Atlassian Crowd plugin
auth: enable selecting PAM authentication module
auth_ldap: fix user automatically activated with LDAP authentication (Issue #78)
bin: fix update_repoinfo command
bin: give #!/usr/bin/env python so it can be executed directly
bin: reintroduce cleanup-repos paster command
changeset: don't crash on malformed whitespace parameter - return 400 Bad Request
codemirror: cleanup of integration and update to version 4.7
compare: workaround unexpected Mercurial behaviour when finding ancestor of null rev
db: don't use sql 'in' on empty sets in compare - avoid warning of bad performance
db: fix beaker cache key for user groups - don't collide with users
db: fix handling of (invalid) unicode email addresses
db: to the extent it makes sense to have a one byte size limit, make it 255 instead of 256 to please MySQL (Issue #96)
diff: don't split lines on bare CR as python splitlines do
diff: fix diff of renamed files with whitespace in their names
download: fix for zip file downloads not being valid zips (Issue #35)
error: don't crash on /error/document urls
error: don't crash on response without status
feed: urlify and escape the commit description
files: don't use HTML encoding where not needed (closes: #74).
files: fix HTML injection via file names
files: use current revision as default for 'show at' (Issue #31)
files: use forward slash as path separator for consistency
gists: add missing formencode.htmlfill import
git: close SubprocessIOChunker inputstream used for git (Issue #32)
git: do not fail if git is not installed and has been removed from BACKENDS
git: fix "'name' must be bytestring, not unicode" error on browsing changesets
git: fix version detection with unexpected version string (Issue #71)
git: introduce hack for handling git failure on --depth cloning (Issue #33)
git: preserve line endings when calling out to git
helpers: fix crash on new users without email (Issue #28)
hg: fix clone from svn+http urls using hg-svn (Issue #72)
ini: Make celeryd.log.level default values uppercase - lowercase might not be recognized and cause failure
javascript: remove trailing comma to please IE8 (Issue #39)
jquery: upgrade to 1.11.1
mergely: update Mergely to v3.3.9 (Issue #83)
middleware: change middleware ordering so we don't buffer hgweb output in redirect
middleware: fix force_tls typo in force_https backward compatibility code (Issue #44)
migrate: add missing import (Issue #29)
notification: handle unicode translations (Issue #95)
pullrequests: fix updates for PRs between different repositories
pullrequests: handle pull requests to empty repos (Issue #27)
pullrequests: preserve query parameters in pull request overview paging links
pullrequests: when creating PRs, fix handling of new ajax requests while other ajax requests are pending
rebranddb: update user extern_type and _name to 'internal' instead of 'kallithea' (Issue #38)
repos: fix redirect after repo creation (and user/group add focus) (Issue #98)
setup: constrain dulwich to version 0.9.9, fixes CVE-2015-0838
stats: fix display when no data ready yet
stats: fix "show more" link
styling: don't loop on trying to load kallithea-logo.png after kallithea-logo.svg failed
urlify: don't include trailing punctuation in markup
urlify: markup of hashes in ()

Features and improvements:

ui: use font based icons - FontAwesome and Git Hub Octicons from fontello
ui: HiDPI / Retina support in graphs and other places
paster: add install-iis command to automate IIS handler generation and update documentation
email templates: send text/plain part as well
docs: lots of improvements of structure and content and language
translations: updated using WebLate
admin: show links to added repos after repo scan
admin: show links to created users and groups
admin: when scanning for repos without 'remove', report the repos that could/would be removed
setup: support Mercurial 3.3
db: drop most lazy joins - significant performance improvement
db: add missing indices - significant performance improvement
db: don't commit session if cache invalidation didn't change anything - improves performance
comment: show full username in emails for PR/changeset comments
changelog: added Settings to repo context menu
utils: better display of ages >1 year when in short form
remotes: add support to clone from Mercurial repositories over ssh
hg: reimplement branch head listings more efficiently
pullrequests: use same code and table ui for Repo Pull Requests and My Pull Requests
pullrequests: add delete button to My Pull Requests overview
pullrequests: on 'my pullrequests' show the user's own vote as second column next to 'latest vote'
pullrequests: add option for adding repo owner as reviewer if none assigned
pullrequests: make top pane one big form with meta data and one save button and preview changes in pane below - more like when creating the PR
pullrequests: make 'update' functionality a separate submit button in the big form, automatically enabled when an update changeset is chosen
pullrequests: show graph next to the list of changesets that are available for update
pullrequests: for available changesets, also show changesets that not are descendants and thus not directly available but will be merged in
pullrequests: show unrelated branch heads in the graph too - show the problem instead of trying to explain it
pullrequests: show pending reviewer changes with "(not saved)"
pullrequests: show comment count in top of summary box
diff: improved parsing, be more strict and fail with good error messages
diff: handle GIT delta binary patches
diff: show renamed files as that
diff: make trailing spaces more visible - make vertical line less transparent
diff: show CR (\r) in diffs
comment: warn before leaving page with open comments
comment: clarify shown comment count (inline vs general)
comment: extend next/previous links to global comments (issue #91)

Changes (might influence workflows):

i18n: en translation has been removed - make sure to update your .ini files to have 'lang =' (nothing)
ini: turn show_revision_number off by default
pullrequests: don't give changeset 'unreviewed' status just because it is added to a PR
pullrequests: tweak readable titles - just append /_/ and branch name
pullrequests: only author and admin can close
pullrequests: don't add repo owner as reviewer in all PRs
pullrequests: PRs between different repos should default to same destination/source branch
pullrequests: use '-- ' as separator in the automatic text when "updating" pull requests and is it to put latest updates first
diff: don't group diffs based on the kind of change
admin: set current user as owner when running repo scan
changelog: change default view to 100 changesets, max to 2000
date representation: use ISO8601 rather than a specific locale
user groups: drop add/remove all buttons for member selection - they are too dangerous and multi-select can do the same
hg: drop support for hg web.hidden
template: link the last revision in the file browser to the changeset


code: Fix typos and language in comments and code
controllers: consistently use formfill.render with force_defaults=False
css: various improvements
db: check for None instead of boolean false if that is what we mean
exceptions: avoid silently catching exceptions - especially avoid catch all
gists: use allow_extra_fields and filter_extra_fields in gist forms like in most other forms
html: various improvements
javascript: use strict mode
javascript: more jQuery, less YUI, less clutter
json: always use kallithea.lib.compat for json - and nothing else
json: drop simplejson fallback and just use stdlib
templates: better structure, less cut'n'paste coding
tests: stability fixes
tests: remove large unused test fixture
ui: Correct capitalization and improved English text in the UI run it regularly to ensure consistent whitespace and avoid spurious changes
tags: rename old non-Kallithea tags and prefix them with 0.0 to show that Kallithea is superior