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kallithea / FrontendImprovements

To fix:

  • the home page is not very organized. There are two lists and we somehow have to guess that the upper list is for repo groups, and the bottom is for repos. I think a title above each section could help here. Perhaps some more elements / changes are required to make it really better.

  • There is some inconsistency between the summary changelog list on the repo home page and on the changelog page: the order of the columns on both lists is different. I don't see a good reason for that.

  • changelog page: the author name has a 'title' attribute to expand the full name/email, unlike e.g. the age/date column which uses a pop-up and not a title. I think it makes sense to align to one strategy (probably pop-up).

  • changeset page: the branch tag and the changed/deleted/added badges are actually unrelated, but are placed closely together. Perhaps we can move these tags to the section header where the changeset is actually displayed?