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Join the mailing list or #kallithea on freenode and help defining the project.

Kallithea is currently primarily a scratch-your-own-itch project where we help each other by contributing our changes. Some sys admin skills and Python experience will be required for installing and maintaining a system. We encourage consultants to make a business out of installing and developing Kallithea for custom needs ... and contribute back.

'Road map'

We do not have a defined road map but are waiting for your contributions. Here are some ideas of places we might want to go - contributions in these areas are very welcome:

  • Front end:
    • kill YUI - more jQuery
    • remove other dependencies - especially the embedded cut'n'pasted ones
    • remove hardcoded styling in templates, make markup more semantic while moving all styling to css
    • switch to bootstrap or some other modern UI library and cleanup of style.css and contextbar.css
    • new fancy style that looks good
  • testing (see TestingImprovements)
    • better test coverage with the existing high level test framework
    • test even more high level and javascript - selenium/robot and splinter seems like the top candidates
    • more unit testing
  • code cleanup
    • move code from templates to controllers and from controllers to libs or models
    • more best practice for web apps and the frameworks
    • upgrade to Pyramids (or???)
    • cleanup/rationalize URLs
    • cleanup database layout (models)
  • features
    • relax dependency version requirements after thorough testing
    • support for evolve
    • updates of PRs ... while preserving history and comment context
    • auto pr merge/rebase
    • ssh
    • bitbucket compatible wiki
    • realtime preview / wysiwyg when editing comments and files
    • make journal more useful - filtering on branches and files
    • community mode with self registration and personal space
  • improve documentation
    • general improvement
    • user-level usage of Kallithea, including pull request concept
    • installation for unix/win/win_old contains duplicate info that could be centralized