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kallithea / RoutingImprovements

Remaining issues, in

  • we now consistently use separate POST urls for delete ... but they are not named consistenly or have consistent urls
  • it would be very nice if all POST urls were the same as a similar GET url - especially when form errors end up showing a form at a URL that doesn't have GET
  • we should either consistently have unique url names, or consistently have GET and POST url names be the same (assuming their url is the same)
  • if unique url names, then it would also be nice to have different urls for GET and POST, to help validate that we always use the correct url (previosly we didn't!) (yes, this is a conflicting requirement)
  • it would be nice if url names were consistent
  • it would be nice if controller actions were named consistently (perhaps similar to the one used by default in Mapper.resource )

Clarification of this could probably also help us move to another kind of routing.