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kallithea / TestingImprovements

Discussion/idea page around unit/functional testing improvements:

  • further migration to pytest practices, using standard and custom fixtures in tests that could use them. This requires some further analysis of the individual tests.

  • attack the database handling in the test suite: currently the database is created once and shared across all tests, causing some interference than needs to be handled carefully. Idea was to create database once and then use copies of the sqlite file for each test/test class.

  • creation/modification of a repository for the execution of a test. See and Mads' reply:

  • Misc improvements

    • do not dump all test files in /tmp but rather in a subdirectory
    • check why parallel test execution seems to fail (at least on nosetests it did)
    • investigate/profile why each test takes relatively long to complete, while really most tests are making a simple http request and check some output.