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kallithea / Turbogears2Migration

We plan to migrate from the obsolete Pylons framework to TurboGears2.


Getting started:


The setup procedure and .ini generation scripts still need to be fixed.

  • Use development.ini -- it has been adapted to contain e.g. correct database paths. To use a custom .ini file, compare with development.ini and adapt.

  • Copy an existing database from another installation (sqlite kallithea.db as referenced in development.ini)


Open (known) issues:

  • API controller does not yet work (being solved by Alessandro)

  • after 'pip install tgext.debugbar':

    "TemplateNotFound: Template "tgext.debugbar.templates.debugbar" not found"
  • testsuite:

    • message 'No handlers could be found for logger "tg.appwrappers.transaction_manager"'
    • on test failure, there is logging output (mostly/only? sqlalchemy logging); unclear where it comes from but it's annoying during debugging
    • "from kallithea.lib import vcs" does no longer work. Related to a change Alessandro had to make: import kallithea.lib.helpers and kallithea.lib.app_globals into kallithea/lib/ (apparently expected by Turbogears2 but problematic for this piece of code).


      kallithea/tests/functional/ in <module>
      from kallithea.lib import vcs
      E  ImportError: cannot import name vcs


Other TODO: (in no particular order)

  • switch from paster to gearbox (PoC available by Mads)
  • allow creating database (part of gearbox PoC above)
  • GPL headers seem to have been removed in some files; need to re-add them
  • search and remove all remaining places that reference pylons
  • verify behavior with celery
  • verify behavior with databases other than sqlite
  • update documentation