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kallithea / WhoCanDoWhat

Who Can Do What?

This page has a list of what permissions and controls various project contributors have, so that if you need help with something inside the Kallithea project (in particular, admin rights to accounts and the like), this is where to come to check:

Mailing List

kiilerix and bkuhn have admin rights to the mailing list.

Twitter Account

keynote2k has control of the Twitter account, but would gladly hand it off to someone else if they want to maintain it. Contact him or bkuhn if you want to.

"Kallithea's Own Kallithea" and the main website are configured via two boxes, a frontend box called FIXME, and a backend box called phoenix.

Front-end-box FIXME - andrewsh document this! has address

That's the front end box that answers incoming web requests

andrewsh is the only person who has root on that front-end server.


bkuhn and andrewsh have root on phoenix, which is the "backend" box.

The VM for phoenix is hosted with one of Conservancy's hosting accounts. bkuhn is the only one who can do "hard reboots" via the VM interface.

Bitbucket account

The Bitbucket account is located with Conservancy's org account, but kiilerix and bkuhn both have admin rights to it.


kiilerix is admin of the IRC channel.

Domain Name / DNS

andrewsh is tech contact on Gandi, so he can make changes. bkuhn has control of master account, so he can make changes too in a pinch.

Various Other Things

  • Mads controls accounts on
    • transifex
    • readthedocs
    • pypi
    • irc