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Ongoing Tasks

Unclaimed Ongoing Tasks

  • Maintain the twitter account. (Tony will do this for now)

Must Do on Day 0: 2014-07-04


  • Possibly give someone else root on front-end box?


  • Send final info of joining to the committee.
  • give announcement the final touch
  • Conservancy post announcement and sends to LWN & other media
  • Add announcement to


  • Make the Bitbucket Kallithea public.
  • Post "welcome to kallithea" message on the main mailing list.
  • Launch public discussion on public mailing list about DCO.
  • Write blog post about the launch process, probably for later posting.


  • Wiki needs development guidelines and a roadmap and other meta info
    • Mads should write up the 2-reviewer protocol we wanted to use, and where we want pull requests.
  • Mads makes IRC channel public
  • Mads rebrands Unity Technologies' production system (visible on the internet but only used by employees, partners and some customers)
  • Mads updates transifex, rtd and pypi


  • README.rst in Kallithea needs to explain how to do run with:

     $ build
     $ paster server

    Because install doesn't work! (I don't think -- bkuhn)

  • Figure out how to get the bitbucket repository to auto-update from KoK

  • Because {translations,ci,anonymous} forward to private mailing list, which drops them silently, we need to find a better place to forward those. The main mailing list seems "wrong".
  • (Not too important): Set up a log bot on IRC.

Try to Get Done in July 2014


  • Mads posts 100 patches from Unity for community review
  • Make someone backup IRC operator on #kallithea (bkuhn volunteered)

Next goals:

  • nurture a contributing community
  • establish practical guidelines for contribution and collaboration
  • stay uptodate with next RC release
  • host own wiki?
  • host own mailing list?
  • host own bug tracker?

Sketches of places we might want to go:

  • Front end:
    • kill YUI - more jQuery
    • remove other dependencies - especially the embedded ones
    • remove hardcoded styling in templates, make markup more semantic while moving style to style.css
    • switch to bootstrap and cleanup of style.css and contextbar.css
    • angular for more fancyness?
    • new fancy style that looks good
  • testing
    • better test coverage with the existing high level test framework
    • test even more high level and javascript - selenium, karma, ?
    • more unit testing
  • code cleanup
    • move code from templates to controllers and from controllers to libs or models
    • more django best practice
  • features
    • relax dependency version requirements after thorough testing
    • evolve
    • updates of PRs ... while preserving history and comment context
    • auto pr merge/rebase
    • ssh
    • bitbucket compatible wiki
    • realtime preview / wysiwyg when editing comments and files
    • make journal more useful - filtering on branches and files
    • community mode with self registration and personal space
    • improve documentation