This is the SCST development repository. It contains not a single
project SCST as one can think, but a number of them, which are divided
as the following:

1. SCST core in scst/ subdirectory

2. Administration utility for SCST core scstadmin in scstadmin/

3. Target drivers in own subdirectories qla2x00t/, iscsi-scst/, etc.

4. User space programs in usr/ subdirectory, like fileio_tgt.

5. Some various docs in doc/ subdirectory.

Those subprojects are in most cases independent from each other,
although some of them depend from the SCST core. They put in the single
repository only to simplify their development, they are released

Thus, use "make all" only if you really need to build everything.
Otherwise build only what you need, like for iSCSI-SCST:

make scst scst_install iscsi iscsi_install

For more information about each subproject see their README files.

QLogic target driver

QLogic target driver qla2x00t is the old driver, forked from qla2xxx
several years ago. It is very stable, well tested and actively used in
many production setups. The ultimate goal is to have the mainstream
(git) QLogic target driver to be the main and the only QLogic target
driver, but, unfortunately, this driver not yet reached level of quality
and maturity of qla2x00t. We with QLogic are working toward it.

You can find the latest version of the git driver in git://git.qlogic.com/scst-qla2xxx.git.
It is maintained by QLogic, hence located in the QLogic's git.

To integrate it into the SCST build tree you need:

1. Clone the QLogic git tree somewhere in your system.

2. Create in the SCST root, i.e. this directory, a subdirectory with name

3. Optional for the in-tree build: symlink drivers/scsi/qla2xxx
subdirectory in the cloned git tree to the qla2x00t_git subdirectory

Thats all. Now common and QLA specific root Makefile targets "magically"
start working with the new driver.

For detail instructions how to setup QLA target build environment see
its README or HOWTO. Run either "make all" to build the SCST core and
all target drivers with in-tree QLogic drivers, or the following command
with standalone QLogic drivers:


In presence of qla2x00t_git subdirectory you can still build the
qla2x00t using qla_old* root Makefile targets.

Vladislav Bolkhovitin <vst@vlnb.net>, http://scst.sourceforge.net