Add ability to hide title bar in lightweight window.

Issue #172 resolved
Radosław Stachowiak
created an issue

I would like to show lightweight dialogs without a title bar and also prevent user from moving the dialog.

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  1. Jonathan Giles

    If someone wants to do a pull request that would be great. I think the change would be to introduce a new enum for DialogStyle, with options NATIVE, JAVAFX_DARK, and NONE. Then get rid of the Dialogs.nativeTitleBar() method and replace it with a dialogStyle(DialogStyle) method. Everywhere that nativeTitleBar is used as a boolean will then need updating.

  2. George Moralis

    yes that's what i need it for too , I found out that lightweight components are perfect for webview setAlert , setConfirm , setPrompt callbacks. Maybe we can add these implementations as part of controlFX as well ..

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