com.sun.javafx.scene.traversal.ParentTraversalEngine not found in jdk-8u11-windows-x64

Issue #296 invalid
Peter Penzov created an issue

I installed jdk-8u11-windows-x64 to test Notfication meesages. During compilation these packages are not found:

import com.sun.javafx.scene.traversal.ParentTraversalEngine; import com.sun.javafx.scene.traversal.TraversalContext;

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  1. Peter Penzov reporter

    I'm using dk-8u11-windows-x64.exe (latest from Oracle web site) with ControlsFX 8u20

    Try to build it from source and you will see.

  2. Jonathan Giles

    Your problem is that you're using 8u11 to try to build code targeted for 8u20. You need to clone the default branch, not the 8u20 branch.

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