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TableFilter - 'Apply' button selects all rows matching search, regardless of state of checkboxes.

Simon Perkins
created an issue

When I type a search query in the box, I see the matching entries below. However if I uncheck some of the matching entries (before hitting 'Apply') and hit ‘Apply’, all of the search results are included in the table rows, including the entries which I unchecked.

See screenshot 1 for state immediately before I pressed 'Apply' and screenshot 2 for the state after.

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  1. Stefano Negri

    Am I correct in saying that the culprit is line 133 of

    132                    if (searchMode) {
    133                        filterList.forEach(v -> v.selectedProperty().setValue(true));

    I have tried deleting it and behaviour seems correct to me. I played around a bit with SourceTree but I don't think I can create a pull request.

  2. Thomas Nield

    I probably won't have time to get to this for awhile, but I will review a PR if one comes in. This is a little tricky because it's a common workflow of searching and then applying the filter to all search results.

    One way to fix this is to de-select all things that fall out of the filter scope, but select them again if they come back in scope.

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