Add I18N support for button labels in TableFilter

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Dominic Gallichand
created an issue

I came across this excellent article about using the TableFilter on a TableView : This feature is very neatly done and very user-friendly.

I was wondering if there was a way to change the labels in the buttons of the filter (APPLY, NONE, ALL and RESET ALL) so that it fits the language of my application. I tried to find these labels in the I18N message bundles but could not find them.

I checked the code and noticed that in the FilterPanel class, the buttons are created with the label strings (example for NONE button below) :

{code} //initialize unselect all button Button unselectAllButton = new Button("NONE"); HBox.setHgrow(unselectAllButton, Priority.ALWAYS); {code}

Am I missing something about the setup of the I18N?

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