does not format text by format

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Does not format text by format '# ##0'. For example, instead of the expected 1 000 000, we get 1000000.

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  1. Сергей Андреевич Жильников reporter

    Samir, have a good day! It may be out of place, but I would like to share some suggestions about the small improvements in your SpreadsheetView product: 1) it seems logical that if you have already allowed to change the column names, then auto-fit the width of the column by double clicking the mouse, taking into account the value of the column name. That is, in your example, when replacing the name of the first column by using the instruction spreadSheetView.getGrid().getColumnHeaders().setAll("Summary for the period»);, double clicking the mouse button has , but it would be desirable . 2) I would also like to be able to move the text in the column name to the following lines, if it does not fit in width. For example, as in the figure . 3) In addition, I did not find the opportunity to correct the next small defect: in your example, the images in the cells of the logo on the right close the cell boundary , which is a bit not beautiful. I apologize for writing to you on e-mail, but I think that the topic is of little interest to a large circle of users of your product.

    Thank you!

    Sincerely, Sergey Zhilnikov.

  2. Сергей Андреевич Жильников reporter
  3. Samir Hadzic

    Hi Serguey,

    Regarding the original problem, I do no understand it. If I set the format in the Sample like this :

    cell.setFormat("#,##0.00" + "\u20AC");

    I do have "1 000 000.00€" shown in the SpreadsheetView. Capture.PNG

    But anyway, these are samples to simply demonstrate the capabilities of the SpreadsheetView so anyone can format its cells the way he wants. If you want to use the format "# ###0" in your own Spreadsheet, you should be able to do so. I don't quite understand what the sample has to do with it.

    Regarding your last message, you seemed to have replied to the email but the images were lost in the process.

    I did not understood your problems, can you please, for each separate issue, either create a new issue in this issue tracker and follow this process:!topic/controlsfx-dev/DbjZor4buAQ

    Or post in the google group if you just need some helps.


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