RangeSlider not responding to RangeSlider specific CSS styles

Issue #848 resolved
Michael Ellis
created an issue

I would like to be able to show or hide the display of the RangeSlider tick labels and tick marks. This I can do with the the RangeSlider setShowTickLabels() and setShowTickMarks(). But from what I can gather, I ought to be able to do this with the CSS styles "-fx-show-tick-labels" and "-fx-show-tick-marks".

I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong or is this is a bug but here is my SSCCE

In this example I create two rangeSliders, they both ought to display tick labels and marks. Both also are styled with CSS -fx-background-color and -fx-border-color - which work.

The first RangeSlider correctly displays ticks and marks using setShowTickLabels() and setShowTickMarks()

The second RangeSlider does not displays ticks and marks when they are enabled with setting CSS style "-fx-show-tick-labels" and "-fx-show-tick-marks".

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  1. Michael Ellis reporter

    Many thanks!

    When pulling the project from https://bitbucket.org/controlsfx/controlsfx

    I find that file for org.controlsfx.control.RangeSlider at line 1097 contains a spurios backquite at the start of the line that prevents it from compiling.

    Deleting the back quite character solves the problem

    `    /**
         * {@inheritDoc}
        public List<CssMetaData<? extends Styleable, ?>> getControlCssMetaData() {
            return getClassCssMetaData();
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