SpreadsheetView: select programmatically partial text in a cell

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Horst Petersen
created an issue


I need a autocompletion by typing text in a cell like Excel.


  1. [Hello]
  2. [World]
  3. [H] → [Hello]

I have three rows. In the first row (column=0) the text is “Hello”. In the second row (column=0) the text is “World”. If I type in the third row (column=0) “H” it should appears “H[ello]”. The part “ello” should be selected.

I have implemented a EventHandler to create the text and set the text to the cell. Now, I need a method to select a part of the text in the cell.

Is it possible to select a part of a cell content?

Greetings Horst

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  1. SamirH

    This is not a bug. Please ask your question on the Google group here : http://groups.controlsfx.org/

    Regarding your issue, please add some codes if you want some help. By quickly looking at your issue, I think you should provide a custom SpreadsheetCellEditor in order to have control over the TextField you'll put in the cell when editing it. Therefore, you'll be able to add you events and control the text in it.

    Don't hesitate to post your code in the google group so that I can guide you toward the solution.


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